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The following Lindholst family members can be reached through their mail account on or (both will work):

Name Mail Account
Anita Lindholst anita
Bettina Bak bettina
Carsten Lindholst carsten
Cassandra Yeo Lindholst cassandra
Christian Lindholst christian
Christopher Lindholst christopher
Erik Lindholst erik
Felix Lindholst felix
Hanne Lindholst hanne
Lene Lindholst lene
Maribel Ojeda Jimenez maribel.ojeda
Martin Lindholst martin
Morten Lindholst morten
Nina Lindholst nina
Peter Lindholst peter
Sabine Lindholst sabine
Sofie Lindholst sofie
Svend Lindholst svend

To get your own and mail account, please contact Carsten by mail. Only for family members. That rules out pets and imaginary friends.